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local government web sites for Greece
countcounciltypelink mapcountry map
2Aegean IslandsregionalGreeceGreece
4Ag. DemetriosmunicipalGreeceGreece
5Ag. DemetriosmunicipalAttika PrefectureGreece
6Ag. DemetriosmunicipalCentral Greece and Evvoia RegiGreece
7Ag. ParaskevimunicipalGreeceGreece
8Ag. ParaskevimunicipalAttika PrefectureGreece
9Ag. ParaskevimunicipalCentral Greece and Evvoia RegiGreece
10Ag. VarvaramunicipalGreeceGreece
11Ag. VarvaramunicipalAttika PrefectureGreece
12Ag. VarvaramunicipalCentral Greece and Evvoia RegiGreece
13Aitolia And AkarnaniacountyCentral Greece and Evvoia RegiGreece
16AmaroussionmunicipalAttika PrefectureGreece
17AmaroussionmunicipalCentral Greece and Evvoia RegiGreece
18Ano LiosiamunicipalGreeceGreece
19Ano LiosiamunicipalAttika PrefectureGreece
20Ano LiosiamunicipalCentral Greece and Evvoia RegiGreece
22AthensmunicipalAttika PrefectureGreece
23AthensmunicipalCentral Greece and Evvoia RegiGreece
24Athens Cultural OrganizationmunicipalGreeceGreece
25Athens Cultural OrganizationmunicipalAttika PrefectureGreece
26Athens Cultural OrganizationmunicipalCentral Greece and Evvoia RegiGreece
28AttikacountyAttika PrefectureGreece
29AttikicountyCentral Greece and Evvoia RegiGreece
30Central Greece And EvvoiaregionalGreeceGreece
31Central Greece And EvvoiaregionalCentral Greece and Evvoia RegiGreece
35CycladescountyAegean Islands RegionGreece
38DionysosmunicipalAttika PrefectureGreece
39DionysosmunicipalCentral Greece and Evvoia RegiGreece
40DodecanesecountyAegean Islands RegionGreece
41Dodecanese Regional Development OfficeregionalAegean Islands RegionGreece
43Drama Kavala And XanthiprovinceGreeceGreece
45EgaleomunicipalAttika PrefectureGreece
46EgaleomunicipalCentral Greece and Evvoia RegiGreece
48EllinikoumunicipalAttika PrefectureGreece
49EllinikoumunicipalCentral Greece and Evvoia RegiGreece
50EvritaniacountyCentral Greece and Evvoia RegiGreece

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notes All European countries within the Oultwood index have now been added to the a-z database.

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