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User comments about Oultwood

Below is a selection of user feedback about the Oultwood lg index.

HJ Thanks for an easy site to access. Your site is excellent

s.c. 15 May 2000

You have got a nice site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

s.g. 3 May 2000

Amazing site by the way, very comprehensive.

d.r. 19 April 2000

What a great site!

d.r. 6 April 2000

I think this is a very useful site. Thank-you.

c. 29 March 2000

Wicked site: just that really, very useful, comprehensive, keep it up!

j.h. 24 March 2000

Thank you for including ....... in your gateway site. Itís an impressive site and must take a great deal of effort to maintain.

g.m. 15 March 2000

Iíve often used your site in the past to link to other councils web pages without ever stopping to ask who created it or why. Having read you information page, thought Iíd let you know that we will be publicizing you site tomorrow when we run an internal training course here at c...... district council. I find the site very useful in seeing how other councils are doing on the web. Thanks for the work. regards

r.h. 6 March 2000

This is a really useful site and great for research and developing networks / new business links. would be better if it included more countries. One of the better laid out sites I have visited making it very easy and quick to use and understand.

j.c. 29 February 2000

Found your list of councils extremely useful, thank you very much.

l.o. 15 February 2000

Amazing site; very useful. thanks!

a. a. 11 February 2000

I have to say that I was quite amazed to discover your site. The Internet Magazineís "labour of love" comment certainly rings true.

p. t. 9 february 2000

I read about your LG web site index in the October edition of the "Internet Magazine", but didnít have time until now to explore your site in more detail - and Iím most impressed both by the completeness and the flexibility in navigating the pages.

p.j.o. 9 February 2000

Have found this site very useful. As I work for ......... county council, and it is interesting to look at what other councils are doing.

s.f. 9 February 2000

many thanks Iíd been surfing for about an hour until i found you. I was desperate to find some maps which identified boundaries of unitary authorities in england. your maps were of just sufficient detail to solve my problem.

s.w. 5 February 2000

What an excellent and useful site! To be comprehensive is eveything.

j.s. 12 December 1999

Congratulations on your website. I canít imagine how you find time to keep it up-to-date.

d.w. 3 December 1999

Donít want to bore you too much but many, many thanks for setting up this truly wonderful site. It has been an enormous help as reference for my work. I have not found any dud links as yet.

g.w. 19 November 1999

Thank you for maintaining this wonderful resource! It is wonderful to have all of this information one click away.

s.b. 17 November 1999

this web site is "bang on"! Itís exactly what Iíve been looking for to help me with my project. thanks.

r.l. 12 November 1999

Useful and interesting site which Iíll spend some time investigating.

d.h. 31 October 1999

Thanks for your web site. Itís great! I found it by searching for government sites. Now it is in my favorites. thereís rarely a day that goes by when I donít look for something about local government and your site is the first place I head. It takes all the fuss of finding the right pages.

p.s. 15 October 1999

I was delighted to find, through reading this months edition of internet magazine, an appraisal of your site. The information that is contained there is invaluable and a most helpful tool for all of us involved in contingency planning and, I am ashamed to say, this is the first that we have heard of it.

d.w. 12 October 1999

Your site is excellent it must have taken a lot of hard work.

s.b. 26 September 1999

Found this site from the article in internet magazine Itís a really good site - wish Iíd known about it ages ago!!

l.r. 21 September 1999

I saw your site featured in Octoberís 'Internet Magazine'. What a great source of information! Part of my job is to make sure that the links directory on our website is kept up to date. the directory includes local government sites. I was wondering if instead of listing all the hyperlinks for each council, I could list your url. Itís a great resource and our members and students should find it useful.

m.s.p. 20 September 1999

Excellent site - have added a link to it.

c.p. 18 September 1999

I have a great deal of respect for people who maintain their sites as well, and as conscientiously as you do yours.

g.m. 13 September 1999

Just visited your site and think it is very informative and useful. well done please keep it up, I am busy telling as many people as I can about it.

r.p. 1 September 1999

Iíve added your site to my favourites. Congratulations on a fast excellent site.

a.k. 26 July 1999

Thanks for your work on the site - as I said before I find it the most useful index to the local government world that there is.

m.s.g 14 July 1999

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