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Site Help

site navigation

  1. every page (new format) has a top menu with the first link back to the home page
  2. at the bottom of most pages there is a link to take you back to the 'top' of the page.
  3. all images are 'hot' and link to other parts of the site.

    exceptions to this are:

    • the small icons used to describe web site content within the local government and schools indices.
    • photos within the Oultwood history pages.
    • the 'Oultwood' logo on the home page.

clickable maps

  1. all maps used in the site have 'hot-spots' that will link either to an appropriate page on this site or to a specific council web site.
  2. the small icon maps always link to index pages on this site.
  3. in general, country maps link to more detailed regional index pages.
  4. regional maps are gradually being modified to link to more detailed area pages.
  5. all other maps link directly to the appropriate council web sites.


All graphics within the site have been specially compressed to allow for extra fast page downloading. In particular, the maps used within the local government and schools indices have been especially compressed using a variety of techniques. The most important technique has been the conversion of the maps to 'two bit' format. Although this means that they are rather crude in graphical terms, They are between 30 and 1000 times smaller than full colour images.

Some colour maps have been introduced but these have also been specially compressed to speed up page loading times.

screen size

The site has been designed to work with most browsers and is best viewed using 800 x 600 or better. If you experience problems with a particular browser, version of browser or screen size, let us know and we will try and fix it.

To achieve fast and readable html, all pages have been written using the windows text editor 'notepad'. Large tables have been split so that the initial table is displayed while the rest is loading.

The pages have also been designed so that the html code can be read by those systems used by the blind. In particular, 'alt' codes have been provided for all images. The site map/index is text based specifically to help the blind. Such features are particularly important for this class of visitor.

According to the uk royal national institute for the blind (rnib), 1.7 million people in the uk experience a serious sight problem or blindness. Poor web design prevents many disabled people from getting the most from the web.

Please support the RNIB campaign for better web design! http://www.rnib.org.uk/digital

To find out more about the use of colour combinations, take a look at the oultwood html colour web page icon colour chart.

page size

At the bottom of most pages of the old format of the site, there is line showing the size of that actual page. The figures given are the total size with a further break-down of the size of the text and the size of the graphics. Although this information may not be of much interest to most visitors, it is extremely useful for the web page designer. It shows the designer just how large the file is and therefore how long it will take to load. if all web page producers took the time to produce these figures, slow loading pages would be a thing of the past!!!

The figures for this page are page size = 8k (text 7k, graphics 1k), which indicate that this page loads very fast.

Because of the high cost of maintaining this feature, it has not been included in the 'new look' pages.

If you can think of a topic not covered in this help page, please let us know.

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